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A Right-Brainer

Shahril started his design career in events. This includes designing banners, system graphics and large-scale prints. Essentially, this experience garnered him a strong understanding of production: a fundamental knowledge that served him well in his position as a creative designer. Thereafter, he followed his passion and started off as a freelance graphic designer for three years, and then entered the world of advertising.


As a senior graphic designer in the agency, Shahril took on various creative challenges and opened opportunities to unconventional, enlightening and engaging projects. The creative culture nurtured his mindset and outlook – professionally. It was a colourful experience and an important part of his career path.


He then took on an offer into publishing for a leading fashion magazine. With his advertising experience, he adopted a non-conforming approach to publication and was on a constant quest for new and fresh ideas. As an Associate Art Director, Shahril also proved his leadership qualities by leading a team to churn out the magazine month after month.

Shahril’s works and credited experience are a testament of an accomplished designer. With dexterity that comes from years of industry experience coupled with a mind that seeks out the unconventional, he is an individual who sees things from two sides of the coin: the practical and the irreverent.

Senior Art Director

2017 - 2021


An events and marketing agency with a diverse clientele. As a senior director I lead and mentor a creative team to create branding discipline and provide counsel on all creative aspects of projects. I oversee, develop and execute creative concepts.

Art Director

2014 - 2017

RenoTalk Magazine /

An interior home-decor magazine and portal, and creative marketing agency. As the director of the creative team, I curate concepts and execute ideas while managing artworks for release from design to production.

Associate Art Director

2011 - 2014

Catalog Magazine

An award winning edgy and creatively daring fashion publication. I lead a publication team in the development and implementation of creative ideas. I delegate tasks to the team and mentor all aspects of the project.

Senior Graphic Designer

2008 - 2011

Planet Ads

A full-service ad agency devoted to the well-planned execution of advertising campaigns.As a senior creative, I develop fresh visual communication ideas. In managing a team of designers, I provide guidance on all aspects of a project.

Freelance Designer

2006 - 2008

Pursue an enlighting and fruitful journey in different aspect of the design industry.

Graphic Designer

2003 - 2006

Macro Events

An established event company specialising in big scale production and event management.

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